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Winter sports guide 2018

The Winter Sports guide 2018

This time eight years ago I was fresh off the boat: a Canadian Arctic expedition ship to be precise — then, the key way for travellers to access this largely uncharted polar region. And tours were few. Fast forward to 2018, and heli skiers have made debut tracks in the unnamed mountains and powder gullies of the fabled Northwest Passage; one of the wild destinations featured in our Skiing On The Edge cover story (p.32). But if the novelty of, say, off-pisting in Georgia, or making in-roads into Iran’s mighty mountains doesn’t appeal, there are fun ways to revisit familiar peaks. We select the best places to go backcountry, from off-pisting to ski touring, and offer up expert tips for first-timers, families, spa-seekers, plus fast-track suggestions for those simply seeking a cheeky weekend in the snow. Happy sliding!

Sarah Barrell, Editor

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