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The Western Australia guide 2018

Do yourself a favour and google ‘quokka selfie’. Done? You’re welcome. These adorabillies with their wide-open, fuzzy grins are emblematic of Western Australia; welcoming, rambunctious but resolutely wild at heart. It’s a place divinely built for roadtrips; its panoramic splendour unspooling across miles of national parks and golden outback. The people here project a sunkissed magnaminity; a winking indication that they know how lucky they are and are quite pleased that you’re in on the secret. This is where you can swim with whale sharks off the Coral Coast, fiddle with the knobs on Neil Armstrong’s heart monitor, follow a kangaroo’s pogoing trajectory across an empty beach, and gaze at 3.5-billion-year-old living fossils. You’ll be grinning like a quokka in no time.

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