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Tuscany guide 2018

The Tuscany guide 2018

Imagine Tuscany, what do you see? Rolling cypress-studded hills, centuries-old olive groves, historic cities and crystalline waters? Thought so. Tuscany’s magnificent landscape was made to be admired. Now, how about viewing it while jumping out of a plane at 14,000ft, biking down a dirt track at 40mph, or hiking Monte Amiata, one of the region’s tallest peaks? Inject some adrenalin, and suddenly these timeless Tuscan scenes are given a whole new perspective. This is a place where you can slither face-first down a canyon, kayak into hidden caves and gallop across windswept moorland with butteros — ranchers who eke out an existence in the saltmarshes of Maremma Regional Park. It’s time to do Tuscany a little differently. You won’t regret it.

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