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South America Guide 2018

The South America guide 2018

After a two-day hike across hills, through open valleys and claustrophobic jungle, my legs had stopped working. I was meant to be hiking to my next adventure — rock climbing on the side of a canyon — but my legs had siezed up in silent, painful protest. I had come to South America to explore the Ecuadorian Amazon in all its guises, and that’s what I would do. So, I didn’t listen to my legs and just kept walking.

South America seems to have that effect on travellers. There’s just so much to cover, and so many ways to see it. Our writers have dug their crampons into glaciers, grappled with the solitude of the Atacama, trekked up active volcanoes and clung on tight in taxis winding through Medellín’s streets. All in the name of exploration. Sometimes legs aren’t worth listening to.

Tamsin Wressell, Editor

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