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Traveller’s Tummy

How to avoid: Traveller's Tummy

Traveller’s Tummy

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How to avoid: Traveller’s Tummy

1 Ensure local tap water is suitable for drinking and brushing your teeth. Go to who.int/ith/en for information on water safety worldwide.

2 Check bottled water hasn’t been tampered with.

3 Avoid salads and raw vegetables that might have been washed in dirty water.

4 Peel all fruit.

5 If local water isn’t safe for consumption, avoid diluted drinks or ice.

6 To promote good gut health, take high-dose probiotics for two weeks before you travel and throughout your trip.

7 Frequently wash hands with soap or anti-bacterial liquid. Yes, you’ll look obsessive, but it helps keep bugs at bay.

8 Check that any meat, fish and poultry has been thoroughly cooked. Take care with dairy products.

9 Don’t eat food that’s been sitting in the sun or on buffet tables for hours.

10 Be risk aware: hotter and less developed destinations are more likely to inflict nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea, and include the likes of Egypt and India.