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Travel photography tips: Correct lighting

Professional photographer Alastair Jolly presents his travel photography tips. In this tip he explains how to take advantage of lighting to capture the perfect shot

Travel photography tips: Correct lighting
Rannoch Moor, Scotland. Image: Alastair Jolly

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Good photography of any kind is all about the light. Making use of correct lighting dependent on the time of day will be key to capturing the perfect shot. When you’re travelling, it is important to make a note of local sunrise and sunset times. This research will allow you to arrive at a location early for vital preparation.

With many great locations getting very busy, arriving on time always helps in finding the perfect spot for your image. That beautiful early or late light is what will make the photograph, so you should get out early and have breakfast after sunrise or plan your evening meal around the ‘golden hour’: the 60 minutes that starts as the sun comes up or just as the sun starts to set.

The low angle of the sun gives a wonderful warm light, hence the name. It really is the most flattering of light for landscape, portrait and travel photography. As demonstrated in my sunrise image taken on Rannoch Moor, the low light casts a wonderful warm glow across the landscape.

Alastair Jolly – European Manager for SmugMug
Alastair Jolly has been a professional photographer for over 16 years and is a judge for the National Geographic Traveller (UK) Photo Competition 2016. Based in central Scotland, he is the European Manager for SmugMug, the world’s largest independent photo-sharing/hosting platform. amjvisuals.com

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