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Our favourite things: January 2017

We’ve been here and we’ve been there, and our team have found a few things we thought we’d share

Our favourite things: January 2017
Sweating for Europe

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3 cheers for Finland

Sweat it out: Artist Dida Zende’s Sweating for Europe project brings MEPs and citizens together to discuss Europe’s hottest topics in a fire truck, converted into a Finnish-style sauna and parked in front of the European Parliament in Brussels.
Moomins: An expanded Moomin museum is set to move to Tampere Hall, Southern Finland, in May 2017, promising a unique multisensory experience and original artworks.
Happy Birthday: Finland celebrates 100 years of independence in 2017.
Maria Pieri // Editorial Director

Take a deep breath… 

Admittance to recent Amsterdam pop-up Matt Hangover Bar required failing a breathalyser. It’s off to Berlin this autumn, with massage stations, oxygen bars, comfy beds, TVs and smoothies. 
Stephanie Cavagnaro // Senior Editor

Las Vegas: Velveteen Rabbit

On my visit to this arts district cocktails-and-craft beers bar, I took a shine to the ‘I’m a visitor here’ cocktail — pisco, rum, black sesame ink and a sprinkle of ‘star dust’.
Farida Zeynalova // Contributing Editor

London: Museum of Happiness

The world’s first Museum of Happiness — which acquired a permanent spot at the Canvas Café in London’s East End earlier this year — has organised a calendar of free events and workshops that focus on wellbeing and mindfulness, just to help us all get by.
Tamsin Wressell // Contributing Editor

It may be hours from the coast but Paris is appealing to your inner ocean adventurer this winter at the Arab World Institute’s latest exhibition. Running until 7 February, it charts the voyages of great explorers, from fictional Sinbad to Italy’s own Marco Polo.
Josephine Price // Contributing Editor

Travel plans for 2017

Peru: To finally see Machu Picchu
Pat Riddell

Vietnam: For the adventure
Maria Pieri 

Bhutan: To hike to the Tiger’s Nest 
Stephanie Cavagnaro

Hawaii: For the Wai Koa Loop walking trail
Sarah Barrell

Mongolia: To saddle up and cross the steppes
Amelia Duggan