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Our favourite things: August 2018

Editors' picks: each month we bring you a few of our favourite things

Our favourite things: August 2018

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Nat Geo’s Family field guide to wildlife

Enjoy from afar: This includes watching animal videos (even the silly ones) and keeping your distance — don’t feed or touch animals.
Show some respect: All animals have a purpose, even ugly creepy-crawlies — for example, earthworms keep the soil healthy.
Nurture nature: Respect animals’ habitats and don’t bring home souvenirs like shells, nests and logs. And don’t litter!
Maria Pieri

Laid bare

Leave your inhibitions — and your clothes — behind. Paris’s Bois de Vincennes park has opened its designated nudist area once again this summer. Visit until October. No Instagramming, s’il vous plaît.
Josephine Price

Tolkien: Maker of Middle-earth 

What: The must-see exhibition for all Tolkienists.
Where: Oxford’s Bodleian Libraries.
Tell me more: An exploration of JRR Tolkien’s creative genius, including private collections not seen before, and a wealth of unpublished art by the man himself. Until 28 October, before moving to New York.
Sarah Barrell

A dead good deal

The ghost town of Cerro Gordo in California’s Death Valley is up for sale. With an abandoned chapel, hotel and saloon, the former mining town could be yours for just under $1m.
Connor McGovern

In numbers: Polish Vodka Museum, Warsaw

the minimum alcoholic strength of vodka


when the first Polish vodka distillery was established

grains the spirit can be made from to get the official classification of ‘Polish vodka’ 

vodka distilleries operating in Poland today, approximately

litres of vodka were allowed per person per month under communist rationing
Nicola Trup

What we’ve been brunching on

Spicy, scrambled Parsi eggs // Sarah Barrell
Brioche aux pralines from Valence, France // Josephine Price
Menemen with Urfa chillies, silken tofu, lots of fresh tomatoes // Stephanie Cavagnaro
Fiery huevos rancheros // Connor McGovern
In Denmark, Danish blue on rye with sea buckthorn // Charlotte Wigram-Evans

Published in the September 2018 issue of National Geographic Traveller (UK)