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Best of the travel blogs: July 2016

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I grew up in the busy city of Calcutta. So in many respects I knew what to expect from a busy metropolitan city in the South East Asian region. I’d expected skyscrapers and the level of high energy associated with a busy city. I’d expected to see dhows sailing in Hong Kong Harbour. The reality, though, was something else. I can’t put my finger on it, but Hong Kong is greater than the sum of its parts. It leaves you overwhelmed, mesmerised and impatient to return again for more. budgettraveller.org

Art, airplanes, miniature dolls, medals, military artifacts, unique Bordallo Pinheiro pieces… While walking through Pavilhão Chinês we found thousands of pieces on display, all of which take us on a journey that sharpens our every gaze. It is impossible to remain indifferent to this place, and it is also impossible to contain our admiration. In the midst of all these treasures, we found people contemplating the walls, ceilings and counters, taking in everything, cocktail in hand, as if it were a museum. lisboacool.com

My memories will always be filled with the long, sunny days. Of afternoons spent sipping on local wines in the manicured green of endless vineyards, flanked by the brightest of blue skies. Where towering, white waves crashed against the shoreline as I tried to stand up on my surfboard to hitch a ride on their journey forward, and where wandering a forest or a wilderness patch of land for even a short hour, felt like losing yourself for half a day. bordersofadventure.com

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Published in the Jul/Aug 2016 issue of National Geographic Traveller (UK)