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Best of the travel blogs: August 2014

Extracts from our three favourite blogs this month, from withstanding extreme heat in Death Valley to finding serenity in Tokyo

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I’m praying that we don’t get a flat tyre. We encounter locals on our way, each toothless and demanding pesos so that there’s “no trouble”. All of this is in Spanish so I’m getting the translated version. The driver has to ask these locals for directions. Perfect. There’s a lot of laughter as we drive on, and then my travel partner tells me they’re laughing because there’s a tribe out here who, how do you say? Like to eat people. I double pray we don’t get a flat tyre. anadventurousworld.com


My friend who’s usually up for Death Valley camping in the middle of the summer couldn’t make it. With no takers, I had to go by myself. The pull and allure of this unique type of heat is indescribable — and has always been there for me. I left at 2.30am so I’d arrive plenty early on what was forecast to be a record setting 55C day in Death Valley. From Truckee at 9C to Death Valley at 53+C it was shaping up for a 46-degree swing in temperature in 11 hours. davestravelcorner.com/blog


I’d always imagined Tokyo as a huge city of towering buildings and flashing neon signs. But it’s green, peaceful and almost European. Yanaka had small cafes, quaint shops and little alleys. Meguro with its interior design and furniture stores was quiet, and nearby Daikanyama was like a little Parisien alcove with shop signs written in French. Even wandering through the centre of the city in the middle of the week felt like a leisurely stroll in a quiet part of town. Tokyo is the most serene metropolis I’ve ever seen. rakheeghelani.com


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Published in the September 2014 issue of National Geographic Traveller (UK)