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Best of the travel blogs: April 2016

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Adventure has been the new pretty for a while now, and women who travel are continually redefining the traditional notion of ‘sexy’ through their passion for exploring the world and adventurous souls. These women are smart, independent and strong. They navigate unknown cities with a great sense of direction, but also enjoy the spontaneity of getting lost. They’re not searching for money, status or looks, but for knowledge and world experiences.



People love to talk about motorcycle rides through exotic countries and bungee jumping and all kinds of other thrilling holidays. Yes, we know: you’re the modern equivalent of Lawrence of Arabia and you’re just so keen to let us know about it. Zzzzz. This blog is an ode to one of the most underrated holidays around: the humble walking tour. The thrills here may be of the horizontal and gently paced variety, but a walking tour can be very rewarding.



Some Caribbean hotels get all the love, making headlines for their swanky suites, spectacular views and over-the-top amenities. But island insiders know that there are many equally amazing properties that don’t make it to the pages of your favourite travel mag. Perhaps they’re in less-travelled destinations. Maybe their owners pay more attention to their guests than their promotional efforts. Either way, they’re places I think you should have on your radar.


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Published in the April 2016 issue of National Geographic Traveller (UK)