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The most-watched travel videos of 2017

These are your top 10 travel videos of the year

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Each week, we pick out our favourite travel videos — these are the 10 that captured your attention in 2017.

This South American slither of a country is ripe for exploring. From the Atacama Desert to Torres del Paine National Park and Easter Island, videographers Serio and Gloria journey across it in our latest video find.  

See more of their work on Vimeo. 

Chris Zuker’s home state is blessed with nooks undiscovered by many. He captures the region’s landscape, locals and wildlife — all wrapped up in a two-minute video. 

You can view more of Chris’ work on his Vimeo page. 

The Hungarian capital isn’t one to hold back. From its palatial thermal baths and cocktail of architectural styles that hug the River Danube, to smaller nooks of local life and delectable cuisine, it’s paradise for the avid city explorer.

Video by: The Calvert Journal

Erwin Olmos takes us on a journey of Botswana’s captivating landscape and wildlife. 

“My friend Esteban and I drove along the country, visiting different National Parks. It was a tough trip, but at the same time a great experience. Some places we visited: Serowe Rhino reserve, Moremi National Park, Chobe River and Chobe National Park, Amazing Okavango Delta and many towns.”

You can see more of Erwin’s work on Vimeo.

From the lathered-up chins in barber shops to the hands tearing apart soft roti prata breads, this video zooms in on snippets of life across Bangladesh. 

Vituc, the videographer, documented these scenes during a trip to the country using a Sony A7s2 with a 16-35mm f4 and 35mm f.2.8mm lenses. 

“In Bangladesh, especially in the chars of Gaibandha, I rediscovered all the things I thought we had lost: the joy of life, the innocence, the simplicity, the human warmth, the authenticity, peace, space and freedom…”

Find more of Vitùc’s work on Vimeo or check him out on Instagram

“Big cities, small towns, huge markets, epic waves, awesome food, street art, hospitality, long road trips, wild nature, empty beaches, criminality, travelers, friendly locals, new friends… it’s hard to describe Mexico in three minutes. We tried. Enjoy”

Watch more of Salt & Silver’s work on Vimeo.

Last year a troupe of explorers set out to map out the first long distance hiking trail through the Caucasus Mountains that stretch majestically through Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

“We traveled to the Caucasus to map hiking trails and find new routes in these gorgeous mountains. (And we brought our drone for some epic footage!) We are working to put together a long-distance hiking path across the region, which would spur sustainable tourism and encourage the conservation of these incredible landscapes.”

Learn more about the project at transcaucasiantrail.org.

“Hana and I travelled around the ring road for 10 days capturing the beautiful landscapes of Iceland through every weather condition you could think of. Whilst on the road, the two of us experienced heightened emotions – we were scared, happy, nervously panicking at random points during our trip… we drove under the sunshine, through a blizzard, climbed a mountain as it hailed, rained… we cried, laughed and loved every moment in this beautiful country.

“This experience was emotionally draining yet rewarding in so many ways. Documenting our journey was incredible and we can’t wait to share it with all of you. We hope you enjoy how we experienced Iceland in this travel journal of ours – 10 days, One road.”

See more of Daniel’s work on Vimeo.

Spoiler alert: don’t watch this on an empty stomach.

The people behind the Perennial Plate blog take us into the kitchens of Ethiopia this week as they document their travels in the East African country.

“We travelled to Ethiopia for two weeks and filmed the making of injera, false banana and coffee as well as everything else we saw.”

One of our favourite ways to get to the heart of a country has always been through its food. Watch more of their work on Vimeo

This week’s videographer sets the sights of Senegal to the sounds of enchanting drums, melodic voices and plucked strings.

“A three-week trip in Senegal allowed me to capture the culture of a people and feel the power and importance of music…”

Cee-Roo is a 26-year-old motion designer and music producer from Switzerland.

Check out more of Cee-Roo’s work on Vimeo or on Facebook.

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