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The 10 most-read features of 2018

From Delhi feasts to space tourism, this is what has captured your attention throughout 2018

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From the multinational menus and Michelin stars of Birmingham to the natural playground of Naxos, you’ve really been into our features this year. Whether it was because of an insatiable yearning to discover the unknown, to rediscover the beloved or to just to embrace a zeitgeist, your reading habits have impressed us once again. We hope we’ve ignited — or reignited — a love for travel. Here’s to 2019.

food and drink festivals

Image: Getty

Whether you’re a fan of mushrooms or mole, sake or seafood, a trip to a food festival is a chance to get outdoors, embrace new cultures and indulge your culinary passion. Here’s our pick of the world’s most delicious events.

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Katasth cuisine – the Chandra family

The Chandra Family. Image: Matt Parker

India’s Kayasth people sit outside the caste system, their culture and cuisine crossing religious and class divides. In Delhi, the Chandra family throws plenty of its own andaz — personal style — into the mix.

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New York music

Sitting on the stoop, Harlem. Image: 4 Corners

We hit the road to celebrate America’s best music cities, taking in the sweet sound of jazz in New Orleans, the tenacious, gritty rap of New York, good ol’ Memphis rock, and Chicago’s inimitable blues, and more…

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Naxos Natural Playground - traditional backstreet

Image: Getty

Naxos is the Cyclades’ natural playground, with a diverse landscape capable of disarming even the most avid island-hopper. 

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The Quartier des Spectacles, Just for Laughs Festival Montreal

The Quartier des Spectacles. Image: Vivien Gaumand

For an insight into Montreal’s legendary party spirit, visit during one of its festivals. Or better still, become a performer at one of the world’s biggest comedy festivals, Just For Laughs.

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You’ve admired the Colosseum and soaked up the sights and sounds of Venice, but another Italy is waiting in the wings. We uncover the faces and places — old and new — that are rewriting this much-loved classic. 

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where to eat in birmingham

Birmingham Bull Ring Indoor Market. Image: Jack Spicer Adams

Britain’s second city is riding a wave of Michelin stars, cocktails and multinational flavours.

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Rice and curry spread. Sri Lankan food

Rice and curry spread. Image: Audrey Gillan

Sri Lanka offers deeply fragrant interpretations of southern Asian cuisine, with colours, tastes and textures that feed all senses.

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Coverack Beach, St Just. Image: Emily Mott

Looking out to the Atlantic, Cornwall has always been defined by the elements and its mercurial, mystical landscapes, haunted by the ruins of old industries.

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getty-space tourism-stars

Image: Getty

Space tourism is happening: with commercial zero-gravity flights predicted by the end of 2018, your next luxury trip could be out of this world.

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