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Hattingley Vineyard. Credit: The Electric Eye Photography


English wine: Are you missing out?

It may have long been considered undrinkable, but English wine has been quietly getting better, with award-winning domestic brands now a reality. And, if you want a closer look, take heart that your local winery is probably expecting you Read more »

Sri Lankan curry. Credit: Getty


Food allergies: A traveller’s guide

For people with serious food allergies, the usual travelling peeves and niggles can be hyper-magnified into matters of life or death. But, if you approach it with the right attitude and are prepared to prepare, the world can still be… Read more »

Shinjuku crossing. Image: Getty


Japan: No place like homestays

The best way to discover the similarities — and differences — in a new destination is on a homestay. And in Tokyo, negotiating Japanese culture can be made easy with the help of a local Read more »

Maboneng, Johannesburg. Image: Alamy


Top 23 cities to visit in 2017

From the pop-up store revolution and the gin-bar renaissance to the High Line bandwagon, the dust never settles on the world’s greatest cities. Here’s what’s in store for your favourite metropolis Read more »

The group at Port O’Warren Bay. Image: Chris Horton


Survival skills: Eats shoots and weaves

Worried your cosy urban existence has deprived you of something essential? Then perhaps you need to learn to live off the land and sea on a coastal survival course. Just be ready to weave Read more »


The Cool List: 17 for 2017

In our latest Cool List we reveal the culture capitals, hipster hotspots, wild escapes and places generally keeping it cool in 2017 Read more »

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia. Image: Getty


Tales from South America

From a football match in Buenos Aires to the stone faces of Easter Island, our writers reveal what drew them to South America Read more »