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Szechenyi Thermal Baths, Budapest. Image: Corbis


Europe’s best budget breaks

If you had a £300 travel budget what would you do with it? We’ve pulled together ideas for you to try, from city escapes and day breaks to thought-provoking tours further afield, to prove you can get away without spending… Read more »

Charitable volunteers plant spinach in Irvine, CA. Image: Alamy


Top 10 green travel tips

Travel companies are falling over themselves to prove their eco credentials — and win your well-meaning custom. But how can you separate the green from the greenwash and ensure that you’re a real-deal, low-impact traveller? Read more »

Frequent flyer points. Image: Getty


Making the most of air miles

Free flights and free upgrades are there for the taking, according to the big-hitting airlines and their frequent flyer schemes. But are these so-called loyalty programs a no-brainer for travellers, or something of a swindle? Read more »

Working in a track-side field. Image: Eastern & Oriental Express


Long weekend: Eastern & Oriental Express

All aboard this lavish leader of the track from Singapore to Bangkok. Glimpse paddy fields, palm plantations and Malaysian jungle from the comfort of your carriage, pull into Penang’s market and the Bridge on the River Kwai, and discover the… Read more »

Image: Getty


Travel like a local

The trend for doing things ‘like a local’ is not going away. But can technology break down the barriers between travellers and locals and bring them closer together? Read more »

Luxury Travel: Belmond Villa Sant’Andrea, Sicily, Italy


The ultimate luxury travel experiences

The White Nights Ball in St Petersburg, the Chateau Marmont Hotel, a Namibian walking safari… Your most luxurious travel experience? We asked some of travel’s top names to relive their most memorable and exhilarating trips — and where they might… Read more »

Tandem skydive with Wheelchair Travelling. Image: Wheelchair Travelling


Accessible travel

Travellers with a long-term health problem or disability are often well catered for — it just requires a little research Read more »