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Image: Grootbos Private Nature Reserve, South Africa


Is sustainable travel going mainstream?

When TripAdvisor started rating its hotels for their environmental credentials, it seemed clear the public’s attitude to travelling ‘green’ was shifting. Are we getting to a tipping point where ‘travel’ and ‘sustainable’ are becoming concepts that naturally go hand in… Read more »

Gentoo Penguins on Saunders Island, Falkland Islands. Image: AWL Images


Remote island hideaways

From the mid-Atlantic British outpost of St Helena and the sub-Arctic archipelago of the Faroe Islands, to the far-flung Indian Ocean idyll of Rodrigues and the bleak yet wildlife-rich Falklands, we bring you castaway tales that uncover the realities of… Read more »



Greetings in the great outdoors

It’s standard convention to greet fellow walkers in the countryside. But what’s the etiquette? Is there a North-South divide? And how do you tackle groups? Perhaps a code of best practice would come in handy Read more »

Travel writing at the rim of the Grand Canyon. Image: Getty


How to be a travel writer

Do you aspire to transform your love of writing into a lucrative career? Take some inspiration from our 10 handy tips, and put pen to paper Read more »

Gare du Nord, Paris, France. Image: Getty


The age of the train

With the introduction of high-speed rail between Paris and Barcelona, you can depart London St Pancras and arrive in the Catalan capital in just 10-and-a-half hours. And while the scenery can be breathtaking en route, it’s the Mediterranean that’s the… Read more »

Mekong River Cruise - A family on a wooden boat, Mekong River, near Tan Chau, Vietnam


The Mekong: Mystic river

Sleepy and serene, the Mekong is the lifeblood of Southeast Asia, lacing a lush green landscape of mangroves, languid backwaters and lost stories of human survival. Discover life on its banks aboard a cruise, from the laid-back ports of Cambodia… Read more »

Living Lounge, Lisbon. Image: Living Lounge


The new age of hostels

The outdated image of youth hostels well and truly belongs in the past. The new breed of hostels have free wi-fi, en suite bathrooms, designer decor and facilities more usually associated with three- or four-star hotels Read more »

Theme Parks - Disneyland Paris


Thrill seekers: Theme parks

We select some of the best parks to entertain and satisfy adrenalin junkies, fresh air fiends and pilgrims to the House of Mouse Read more »