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Walking holidays


Walking holidays: Best foot forward

As the appeal of walking holidays grows ever broader, the hardy, weather-beaten campers of old are being joined by a new generation of trekkers, who are attracted by higher standards of food and shelter along the route Read more »

Bernina Express passing through the ski snowy woods around Filisur, Canton of Grisons, Switzerland. Image: Getty


All aboard the ski train

Most skiers fly to the Alps nowadays. But, door-to-door, the train can easily rival the airplane for speed — and beat it for comfort and convenience. Are we finally on the brink of a revival of rail travel to the… Read more »

Chimpanzee in East Africa. Image: Emma Gregg


East Africa: Meeting Doctor Jane

The Albertine Rift, where East Africa meets the Congo, is Africa’s Galapagos, and one of the best places to track chimpanzees. Follow in the footsteps of legendary primatologist Dr Jane Goodall to observe these spellbinding animals Read more »

Hoatzin, Rio Napo, Amazon Basin, Ecuador. Image: Getty


Amazon: Bird is the word

The Amazon embraces seven countries that positively teem with birdlife, with Colombia’s total of over 1,800 species topping that of the USA and Australia combined. This feathered cornucopia ranges from jewel-like hummingbirds and tanagers to spectacular toucans and macaws. With… Read more »

Future travel technology. Image: Getty


Technology: Future travel right now

There was a time not so long ago when the cutting edge in travel technology was trains, planes and automobiles. While those are still getting faster, comfier and more efficient, a host of more hidden technologies are changing our travel… Read more »

River dolphins. Image: Getty


Amazon: Swimming with river dolphins

In the brown waters of the mighty Amazon, fresh water river dolphins are under threat. Don a snorkelling mask and jump in for a swim with these friendly creatures to help support local conservation efforts Read more »

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.


Tackling Mount Kilimanjaro

One of the most popular extreme charity challenges, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, is no walk in the park. The route to the so-called Roof of Africa is rough and relentless but it takes hikers through no less than five climate zones,… Read more »