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The Silk Road: Emma’s journey

Over 47 days she takes on six countries, 7,456 miles and 15 UNESCO World Heritage Sites — follow our Digital Nomad’s journey along the Silk Road


Stretching from central China, across the steppes and deserts of Central Asia, through the markets of Byzantium to the Mediterranean, the Silk Road defines the romance of travel. Our Digital Nomad Emma Thomson begins her six-week journey from Beijing to Istanbul



At the official start of the Silk Road, Xi’an is where ‘all treasures and rarities from all directions under the sun’ were sold by merchants arriving from Persia and Central Asia



As our Digital Nomad continues her journey along the Silk Road, the Terracotta Warriors of Xi’an continue to amaze visitors over 40 years after their discovery



A cultural crossroads, the point at which the Silk Road split into northern and southern routes, Dunhuang’s Mogao Caves contain a treasure chest of riches, as our Digital Nomad finds



At the centre of the Silk Road and near a multitude of borders, Kashgar in China has barely changed over the centuries. But change is coming, as our Digital Nomad discovers



Leaving China, our Digital Nomad makes her way into Kyrgyzstan and the midpoint on the Silk Road



The romanticism and majesty of Uzbekistan’s Samarkand, at the heart of the Silk Road’s cultural crossroads, is in stark contrast to its former ruler Timur, whose reign of terror established the city as it is today



In the last traditional silk factory left in Central Asia, our Digital Nomad learns about the caterpillar’s cocoon that changed the world



Reaching her fourth country on the Silk Road, our Digital Nomad is drawn to the majesty of Merv’s palaces and mighty walls in Turkmenistan



Our Digital Nomad receives a warm welcome in Esfahan, Iran, a city with a long history of receiving visitors on the Silk Road



Our Digital Nomad reaches Turkey’s ancient site of Ani, recently awarded UNESCO World Heritage Site status



A peek into the medieval centres of learning along the old silk routes of Turkey reveal a fascinating cultural history



Our Digital Nomad reaches Istanbul, once the centre of the world and the end of the Silk Road journey



As our Digital Nomad reaches the end of her 47-day Silk Road journey, she reflects on the six countries, 7,456 miles and 15 UNESCO World Heritage Sites encountered along the way



Don’t miss the April 2017 issue of the magazine for Emma Thomson’s full feature. 


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