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Join us in creating a virtual Silk Road

This February, we’re inviting you to share your Silk Road experiences as we team up with National Geographic Society’s Out of Eden team over in Washington DC to document our journeys through the region.


Image: Emma Thomson

Emma’s journey

First up, we’ve got Emma Thomson’s journey – our writer went out in 2016 to traverse the storied region as our Digital Nomad. Follow Emma’s journey >>


Image: John Stanmeyer / National Geographic

Paul’s journey

Next we’ve got Paul Salopek – a Pulitzer prize-winning journalist and National Geographic Fellow – who is retracing a 21,000-mile journey taken by the first humans as they migrated out of Africa. His storytelling project, carried out almost entirely on foot, started in 2013, and he has been traversing the Silk Road region since April 2016.

Follow Paul’s journey >>


Tell us your #NGSilkRoad Story

But most importantly, we want to know your stories. We want to see your photos and hear your experiences of the Silk Road using the hashtag #NGSilkRoad on Twitter and Instagram. Start sharing today.