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Top 7 reasons to buy a Fairline Yacht

Having graced the waters of the world for nearly 50 years, the timelessly sophisticated Fairline family has just gained another member, the Targa 53GT, setting a new benchmark for bespoke yachting

Top 7 reasons to buy a Fairline Yacht
Targa 53. Image: Fairline Yachts

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01 British-built
The British manufacturer can trace its origins to the Northamptonshire town of Oundle, where Jack Newington turned a disused gravel pit on the River Nene into Oundle Marina in 1963. Soon afterwards, the first in Fairline’s fleet was born, a 19ft river cruiser.

Despite continuing to operate from its East Midlands base, it’s fair to say the company has grown since its humble origins — not just creating a stir in the yachting world but blazing a trail at the forefront of British design and ingenuity.

02 Innovative design
Part of Fairline’s success has been its consistent commitment to the latest design and manufacturing methods. The company’s unique approach to monocoque construction bring together four separate mouldings is nothing short of revolutionary, resulting in a lighter, quieter ship that retains its structural integrity. The yachts are ergonomically shaped to increase aerodynamic performance without foregoing style; the Targa 53GT boasts a classic swept stern, incorporating the hull lines to create a striking and highly functional profile. Indeed, nowhere is this innovative approach to design plainer to see than with the Targa 53GT, an entirely new concept setting the standard in choice and personalisation.

“The Targa 53GT represents a dramatic step forward in motorboat design,” explains Andrew Pope, head of design at Fariline. “We’re using the Fairline design DNA to create a model that perfectly blends form and function.”

Saloon, Targa 53 GT. Image: Fairline

Saloon, Targa 53 GT. Image: Fairline

03 Attention to detail
From the unrivalled smooth, open-sea navigability to the marble en-suite bathrooms, luxurious sophistication and superlative quality are trademarks of the Fairline brand. Its range of ships are made to the highest standard and redefine the 50ft boating experience, providing outstanding quality in design and performance for the most discerning of boaters.

04 Pure luxury
As well as blending sumptuous design and stylish interiors without compromising on performance, Fairline’s yachts epitomise nautical luxury. King size beds, a flush 32” television and panoramic windows bedeck the cabins, set amid the chic ambience of mood lighting and leather panelling. No detail is overlooked and the luxurious touches are even visible in the tiniest details: feature piping and leather-bound, stitched handrails.

05 Technical mastery
It’s tempting to focus solely on aesthetics, but underpinning the luxurious interiors of Fairline’s yachts is a true appreciation of outstanding seafaring. The Squadron 53, for example, boasts a choice of shaft-driven engine options, with the Volvo engine capable of reaching speeds of up to 32 knots. On board, helmsmen can rely on the state-of-the-art reliability of Garmin’s navigational technology.

Bedroom, Targa 53 GT. Image: Fairline

Bedroom, Targa 53 GT. Image: Fairline

06 Global ambition
While remaining true to traditional British design, Fairline has recently recruited the some Italian flare in the shape of superyacht designer Alberto Mancini, for an ambitious new collaboration on its new generation of models. The new Targa 62 GTO exudes Alberto’s trademark sleek touches, and includes a hull specially designed by Dutch naval architects Vripack that allows for maximum volume and reinforcement of the boats’ stability. “We wanted the boat to be recognisable as a Fairline, but with a fresh new approach that encompasses Italian styling, Dutch engineering and British craftsmanship,” Alberto explains.

07 Client input
Fairline has always been at the forefront of motorboat manufacturing, and it’s this consistent excellence that’s given rise to the Targa 53GT, representing a high-water mark in the company’s long history of style and innovation.

Of course, this new boating concept hasn’t materialised out of thin air, it’s the result of decades of innovative construction and design. And Fairline is keen for its customers to imprint their own individual style on whatever boat it’s designing for them. “The use of smart design principles allows owners to truly personalise their boat,” says Andrew Pope.

Some of the luxurious features available include the additional options of coverings, fabrics and leather inspired by some of the most glamorous destinations in the world — Capri, St-Tropez, Amalfi and the Hamptons.

“When choosing the Targa 53GT,” says Andrew, “the owner will receive unrivalled flexibility in layout and complete confidence in its construction and features.”

The Targa 53GT, from £649,200 (exc VAT). See the world premiere of the Squadron 53 at London Boat Show (6 January 2017), Boot Düsseldorf (21 January) and the Miami Boat Show (9 February), and of the Targa 53 OPEN at the Cannes Boat Show (6 September 2016).