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Six Senses Spa, Puente Romano Beach Resort Marbella

Six Senses Spa, Puente Romano Beach Resort Marbella

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Nestled between mountains and sea, the sandy paradise of Marbella is a glamorous amalgamation of rustic Mediterranean culture and luxurious expanses of golden beaches, leisure complexes and golfing resorts, luring in millions of tourists from across the globe every year. Home to hidden architectural gems, the whitewashed walls and flourishes of fuchsias within the Old Quarter provide ample shade from the searing summer heat, cobbled walkways leading down to the more metropolitan strand of shopping and foodie havens surrounding the lush greenery of Alameda Park.

Alluringly close to the cerulean waters of Marbella’s Golden Mile, Puente Romano Beach resort’s traditional Andalusian architecture forms an idyllic oasis of tranquillity. Boasting three luxurious pools, 10 tennis courts and a tropical maze of botanical gardens ripe with plant species from across five continents, guests can combine a thorough wellness experience with an array of outdoor activities to stimulate body, mind and soul.

At its centre, the multi-room compound that is Six Senses Spa prides itself on re-invigorating even the weariest of holidaymakers with an array of treatments and rituals on offer, infusing their remedies with local, organic ingredients that contribute to a distinctly Mediterranean experience. A blend of timber, blue and white, the interior of its multi-room complex is a small sanctuary providing the best of beachside comfort.

The spa prides itself on its thorough facial and body treatments, each distinct method focusing on rejuvenation, deep cleansing and repair, and intended to have a lasting benefit. Spoilt for choice, guests will want to make the most of the more exotic therapies, such as the bloat-eliminating Green Coffee body-sculpting treatment and the three- mask process of the Rose Crystal Lymphatic facial. For those wanting a more simplistic approach to exfoliation, the signature scrubs are ideal. Even the quickest of mani-pedis can prove to be extra luxurious when overlooking the rolling waves of Spain’s southernmost coastline.

Yoga fans will be keen to begin the day with one of the centre’s yogic programmes, which cater for novices as well as seasoned experts. Don’t miss out on the traditional hammam experience — coupled with massage and impurity-targeting washes, the 50-minute treatment will make for smooth skin and will leave muscles feeling supple and relaxed. Sign up for the coveted Chocolate Hammam; its cocoa-based products enriched with antioxidants and adding a unique twist to the centuries-old practice.

For long-lasting benefits that can be applied to life outside of holiday season, the wellness programmes offered by the spa provides thorough consultations followed by a comprehensive wellness action plan, ensuring guests’ health goals are met and promoting long-term lifestyle boosts.