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Top 5: Coastal Adventures in Wales

Jutting proudly into the Irish Sea, Wales is a little country with an immense natural asset — one of the most spectacular coastlines on Earth. In places rugged, in stretches sandy, but sublime in every direction; the cliffs, beaches, coves and ports offer adventure, beauty and wondrous wildlife. Here are 5 suggestions for a great day at the beach

Top 5: Coastal Adventures in Wales
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  1. Skomer Island hosts a seabird sleepover

A colony of around 22,000 puffins live on Skomer Island, and delight visitors with their noisy and colourful personalities and iconic cartoon-like appearance. Watch them flap out to sea and back, skidding on the shiny rocks as they deliver freshly caught fish into the open mouths of their hungry chicks. And you can’t miss the cacophony of the noisy Manx shearwaters at night. Warm your cockles by booking into the island’s comfortable self-catering accommodation to experience the full, round-the-clock spectacle.

  1. Sensational salmon leaping

David Attenborough brought the magic of fish migration to our screens in unforgettable scenes of fish performing aquatic acrobatics above fast-flowing water. Experience this magical performance in real life as salmon and sea trout make their way to their home river to spawn. The Gilfach Nature Reserve in Mid Wales is a particularly wonderful place to spot the creatures cavorting along the River Marteg in November.

  1. Otters, flamingos and geese in Lovely Llanelli

The Llanelli Wetland Centre is a children’s paradise, brimming with natural lagoons, lakes and streams. The Centre is home to magical and unique wildlife, including brightly coloured and sociable flamingos. Kids can hand-feed the rarest goose in the world, take part in a creepy-crawly bug-hunting session and enjoy a canoe safari — all within an educational framework highlighting the importance of conservation.

  1. Dolphins dancing in Cardigan Bay

The waters of Cardigan Bay have been blessed by Mother Nature. Home to a vast array of fish, the UK’s largest and liveliest pod of dolphins visits frequently throughout the summer months. Guided boat trips will take you out to sea to watch the charismatic creatures play close by. Learn all about the local bottlenose dolphins and harbour porpoises in the Marine Wildlife Centre.

  1. Creepy-crawly capers at Dr Beynon’s Bug Farm

Dr Beynon’s Bug Farm, in the heart of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, covers 100 acres and includes a working farm, research centre and really cool bug centre. An authority on sustainable agriculture, the educational and fun-filled centre is suitable for all ages. The squeamish among your little ones may want to cover one eye as they enter the tropical bug zoo, but they’ll soon become immersed in the littlest and creepiest creatures on Earth. And don’t forget to sample the fare at the UK’s first ‘edible insect restaurant’ for a crunchy taste of something creepy.

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