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Promotional Feature: Cancer Research

Promotional Feature: Cancer Research UK

Cancer Research UK is known for its unwavering dedication to fighting cancer, but the staggering variety of products on its retail site is well worth a visit on its own merits

Promotional Feature: Cancer Research UK

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Everyone expects Cancer Research UK to sell clothing and accessories to help its fundraising efforts, but what about items like on-trend homewares and wedding favours? You might be surprised at the wide variety of products available on the website, from plastic-free bamboo tableware and cufflinks to summer hampers, and just how beautiful many of them are. And with the profits going back into cancer research, customers can feel good about supporting a great cause too.

Home and Garden

From colourful tropical cushions to cool garden accessories, the home and garden section of the website is a treasure trove of interesting and fun items. The new summer living collection features a range of blue and grey bamboo tableware. Bamboo is highly sustainable and easy to keep clean due to its antimicrobial properties. It’s also incredibly durable and lightweight, making it the perfect camping or picnic companion.
Visit cruk.org/shop

Wedding Favours

Perhaps not an area that’s obviously associated with Cancer Research UK, but the wedding favours showcased online could be the perfect touch to your big day. Wedding favours, including pin badges, stylish tie pins and quirky cufflinks, are a wonderful way to celebrate those that survived cancer at your wedding, or equally to remember those that sadly didn’t. Visit cruk.org/favours

Cancer Care Collection

The Cancer Care Collection is the newest addition to the online shop. This range of pampering products helps those going through cancer feel more like themselves again. With one in two people developing cancer at some point in their lives, this collection couldn’t be more relevant.
Visit cruk.org/cancer-care