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Learn with Babbel: your essentials in six languages

A little effort goes a long way when learning a language. Make sure you know the basics and you’re likely to be well received on your travels

Learn with Babbel: your essentials in six languages
Young woman welcoming a friend to her home, embracing at the apartment building entrance

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Having landed in a new destination, being able to say basic words and phrases in the local language goes a long way towards creating a favourable impression. Here’s how to say ‘hello’, ‘thank you’ and ‘goodbye’ in six tourism hotspots.


Halo – hello
Selamat tinggal – goodbye
Terima kasih – thank you


Ciao – hello
Ciao – goodbye (as well)
Grazie – thank you


Hola – hello
Adiós – goodbye
Gracias – thank you


Bonjour – hello
Au revoir – goodbye
Merci – thank you


Olá – hello
Adeus – goodbye
Obridgado/a – thank you


Hallo – hello
Auf wiedersehen – goodbye
Danke – thank you

There’s nothing better than exploring a new destination armed with the local language. We’ve teamed up with the language-learning gurus at Babbel to work out which language you might be best suited to learning next. All you’ve got to do is answer the five questions on the quiz below and we’ll reveal your next adventure. Plus, there’s a chance to win an iPad at the end of the quiz. 

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