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Discover the city of four seasons

Discover the city of four seasons

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Discover a city in a stunning natural setting with a rich architectural and historical heritage, offering an unmatched combination of culture, fine cuisine and thermal baths.

Budapest boasts a distinct cultural identity formed during its long history. This heritage is apparent in the ornate architecture, unique language, and varied traditions that define urban life. The city is a lively blend of trendy and historic, old and new.

Budapest has a sophisticated cultural scene that spans world-class festivals, theatres, museums, concert halls and sporting events. The Budapest Spring Festival, the Contemporary Art Festival in the autumn, the Budapest Christmas Fair and the Budapest Summer Festival are testament to the fact visitors can experience the vibrant atmosphere of the city in every season. Your essential tool to discover Budapest is the Budapest Card Plus. It offers you more than 30+ complimentary services and over 80+ other discounts of up to 50 %. Get a free transfer upon your arrival, experience the well-known bath culture for free, visit fine dining restaurants with discounts, use public transport for free and embrace history and culture through museums and attractions with the Budapest Card Plus. Design your own Budapest bucket list!

Full of adventures and guaranteed to win your heart, the city of Budapest welcomes you!