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INFINITI TasteMakers 2018

INFINITI has been a key luxury car brand for more than 30 years, balancing power, performance and artistry. Driving and dining are two pleasures that have always gone together well. And this is something that INFINITI and Michelin have come together to celebrate through TasteMakers 2018.

INFINITI TasteMakers 2018
Whatley Manor

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Together with the Michelin Guide, INFINITI has curated the TasteMakers list, a selection of restaurants — each near to an INFINITI Centre — that exemplify forward-thinking dining.

What does it take to create Michelin-star-quality food? Chefs from leading UK restaurants explain to YouTuber Ian Haste how they go above and beyond to create the extraordinary.

Fred Clapperton: The Clock House

While cooking a stunning starter for Ian Haste, Fred tells us how it felt to win his first Michelin star, and how being his own fiercest critic drives him on.

Niall Keating: Whatley Manor

In the grand setting of Whatley Manor, chef Niall Keating serves up the main course — and tells Ian about his globetrotting journey to get there.

Michael Caines: Lympstone Manor

Overlooking the beautiful Exe estuary, renowned chef Michael Caines creates a desert for Ian that looks as incredible as it tastes.