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India wildlife guide 2018

With a human population of over 1.3 billion — many crammed into sprawling metropolises — and rich and colourful religious, cultural and culinary traditions bursting into life around every corner, it’s easy to see why India’s wildlife is sometimes overlooked. But the subcontinent offers up enough for a lifetime of nature holidays, from impressive megafauna to exotic birds.

So, in this issue, we head out on the kind of safari that doesn’t always grab the headlines. We uncover the very best places to spot Bengal tigers, track snow leopards, glimpse one-horned rhinos and spy sloth bears. And aside from these big hitters, the supporting cast is equally impressive, including barking deer and a dizzying bird species tally.

A wildlife trip to India is a unique and often sustainable experience. This is the last place on Earth, for example, where you can see endangered Asiatic lions, just one of the creatures whose habitat has been protected by ground-breaking conservation initiatives. And with many other at-risk populations slowly starting to recover, isn’t it time you put India on your safari map?

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