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Greece: A modern classic

City Breaks
Image: Alecsandra Raluca Dragoi

In every crisis there are green shoots, and despite — or perhaps because of — its financial woes, Greece is enjoying a cultural bloom. From Athens to the islands, strange dreams are being pursued and a distinctly modern side to this ancient nation is emerging...

In the midst of the crisis, there’s a new mantra in the streets: ‘Athens is the new Berlin’. It seems the prevailing anti-establishment attitude is a big draw for foreign intellectuals who’ve come and stayed. But it’s not just Athens; things are happening all over Greece. Multi-space venues housing boutiques, bars and danceterias like Thessaloniki’s Bord de l’eau are all the rage. Everything is in a creative flux: clubs and exhibitions are opening and closing every week, while free ‘guerrilla parties’ are advertised by word of mouth.
Maybe this cultural flowering is a psychological antidote to the daily gloominess, but it’s no less impressive. Athens supports 120 theatres, staging more than 170 plays at any one time. Cavo Paradiso, on Mykonos, is a fixture in DJ Mag’s top clubs list. Athens bar The Clumsies is one of the world’s best, according to Difford’s Guide, the discerning drinker’s bible. Greece is now a country where people take creative risks and are often rewarded. As Demosthenes said 24 centuries ago: ‘Small opportunities are often the beginnings of great enterprises.’



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