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The Photography Masterclasses

Led by award-winning photographers, our sessions will teach you everything you need to know, from getting kitted up to promoting your portfolio

The Photography Masterclasses

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The Sessions

Pitching and publication: Whether it’s making the first steps when approaching an editor or finally seeing your work in print, the road of travel photojournalism seems long — and at times — treacherous. So how do you navigate your way through this difficult world? How do you make your work stand out? What does an editor look for in a photo story? Our panel have the answers, so come prepared for some useful insights. 

Wildlife: They always say never work with animals, and for good reason — the creatures of our world never seem to want to play ball. It’s certainly true if you’re trying to get a killer shot of a snoozing lion, or want to show the intricacy of a flitting butterfly. A host of award-winning wildlife photographers will share their wildlife wisdom and give you plenty of advice on how you can follow in their footsteps.

Landscape: Mother Nature’s the perfect muse, but showing her true beauty through the art of the photography is never quite as easy as it seems. Lighting, weather, accessibility — there are plenty of obstacles stopping you from getting that prize-winning shot. If you want to master the science of shutter speeds, know how to manipulate the light, or simply want a spot of inspiration, then look no further.

Portraiture: “Can I take your picture?” For some photographers, such a question might fill them with dread. But should taking a person’s portrait be such a moral minefield? Are there any lines you shouldn’t cross? And once they’ve agreed, how do you tackle the technical side of things? Listen up for advice on how to photograph the faces that make travel such a meaningful experience. 

Street: In the ever-changing hustle and bustle of our urban landscapes, you’re almost spoilt for subjects. From elaborate architecture to fast-paced pedestrians, the streets provide endless inspiration. But where do you start, and how do you perfect your picture? If you’re keen to find out, come along and get the lowdown on snapping cities. 

Kitting up: You can fritter a fortune on kit, so it’s crucial to spend your money wisely. And remember — you can only carry so much gear when you’re out in the field. Get the word on what to bring, how to use it and how to set up from the professionals who know the world of tech inside out.

Instagram: The ‘I’ word. There’s no denying its prevalence these days, whether you use it or not. Perhaps you’re a clueless first-timer who needs a crash course, or a ’grammer looking to make the most of filters and hashtags. Whatever your profile, come along to hear about the pros and cons of social media’s big-hitter. 

The Speakers

Sessions led by:

Chris HudsonChris Hudson, art director, National Geographic Traveller (UK) 
Chris has been the magazine’s art director since day one, overseeing all the show-stopping photography and design that brings the title to life.

…plus a whole host of award-winning photographers:

Kiran Cox
Kiran’s portfolio covers streetscapes and urban photography, as well as portraits from his travels both at home and further afield. @kiranbcox

Harry Skeggs
Harry is an award-winning wildlife and travel photographer, having travelled to over 60 countries on commissions. skeggsphotography.com

Matt InwoodMatt Inwood
Matt is an Instagram pro, having worked with some of the country’s leading chefs, foodies and food photographers and has his finger on the pulse of the ever-powerful social network. @matt_inwood

with more TBC…


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No refunds. All classes and speakers are subject to change.