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Tweeting, blogging and YouTubing as they travel, our Digital Nomads share the world as they see it. Explore with them in real time and discover the story as it happens.
From 12 September–28 October 2016, Emma Thomson will be travelling the entire length of the Silk Road – from Beijing to Istanbul – covering some 12,000km, across six countries and taking in more than 15 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Share in the adventure as she blogs, tweets and posts on Instagram. Follow the hashtag #NGTSilkRoad


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  • Scarlet Bird (South) Gate, Xi'an.

    Digital Nomad

    Xi’an: Official start of the Silk Road

    At the official start of the Silk Road, Xi'an is where ‘all treasures and rarities from all directions under the sun’ were sold by merchants arriving from Persia and Central… Read More»