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South & Central America

  • Capoeiristas in action at FICA. Image: Sameena Jarosz


    Brazil: Dance to the beat of Bahia

    Diverse and dynamic, Salvador reflects Brazil’s African heritage more strongly than any other city. The capital of the northeastern state of Bahia is now the country’s third largest metropolis and… Read More»

  • Mexico

    Juarez: Back on the map

    In the Café Central the waiter, hearing my English accent, asks archly, “Are you from… Read More»

  • Ecuador

    Ecuador: The last ice man

    Apparently, there’s a mountain in front of me. Apparently, it’s called Chimborazo. And apparently, it’s… Read More»

  • South & Central America

    South America 101 Guide

    Over 101 wonderful ways to explore this glorious region from foodie tours to tango, city… Read More»

  • Coffee harvesting at Finca Golondrina, Caranavi, Bolivia. Image: Karen Robinson.


    Eat: Bolivia

    Complex and captivating, Bolivia’s cultural tapestry is enthralling and its wild topography is behind its… Read More»