• Costa Rica rafting

    Costa Rica: Riding the rapids

    With vultures circling overhead and rapids determined to get you in the water, tackling the Sarapiqui River on a raft is a veritable adventure Read More»

  • Pachito's house, Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica. Image: Ash Bhardwaj

    Costa Rica: The centenarian cowboy

    Beyond the rugged coastline of Costa Rica's isolated Nicoya Peninsula are the cattle-ranching communities that live there — where the sabaneros' lifestyle means they have some of the longest lifespans… Read More»

  • The quetzal. Image: Getty

    The quetzal quest

    Said to be the most beautiful birds in the world, quetzals were revered as gods by ancient Mayan and Aztec civilisations. Today, the cloud forests of Costa Rica are the… Read More»

  • Turtle hatching. Image: Getty

    Costa Rica: Turtle nesting in Tortuguero

    Go with the Flo as you witness a gentle 100kg green turtle — the second largest species after the leatherback — make her speedy dash for the sea Read More»

  • Vanessa Quiros turns drying cacao beans at the Rancho Raices cacao plantation. Image: Daniel Allen

    Costa Rica: Top 10 experiences

    Dive in the beautiful blue bays of the Pacific Ocean, traverse the rainforests and waterways of the interior and reach the beaches and surf of the Caribbean Coast. These bucket… Read More»


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