• Pia Glacier

    Cape Horn: Where continents collide

    To mark the 400th anniversary of its discovery, a boat-load of intrepid travellers brave treacherous seas to land on Cape Horn, at the southernmost tip of South America Read More»

  • Licancabur, Atacama Desert, near the Chile-Bolivia border

    Chile: High and dry

    Barren yet beautiful, the world’s loftiest, most parched desert is a realm of sand and rock that’s arguably Chile at its most alluring. Welcome to the Atacama Read More»

  • A Zodiac sets course for the huge Pia Glacier, Tierra del Fuego, Patagonia. Image: Australis.

    Patagonia: The edge of civilisation

    Battered by the ocean and worn smooth by violent winds, Tierra del Fuego — the fjord-threaded archipelago hanging off the bottom of Patagonia — represents nature at its most raw… Read More»

  • DSC_0548 copy

    Valparaíso: Street art

    “After the Panama Canal opened, the city fell into a hole,” says Stefanie Carmody, my guide for the morning, as we set off to explore the city on foot. “It… Read More»

  • Chile: The quiet South American

    Chile, the confident corner of South America, is a place of contrasts. This long, thin finger of a country is topped with desert and tailed with glaciers Read More»