• The hippest ‘hood in Rio de Janeiro

    It may not have the glitz and glamour of Copacabana or Ipanema, but Botafogo is Rio’s hippest ’hood, with an alternative scene that has as much social substance as left-field style Read More»

  • Getting around Brazil’s Bahia state - Carriage driver

    The land of happiness: Brazil’s Bahia state

    It takes a plane, boat, horse and cart and bone-shaking beach buggy to reach Brazil’s most secluded coastal town, the ‘Republic of Caraíva’, home to pristine forests, beach-shack cuisine and… Read More»

  • Samba in Brazil

    Samba in Brazil

    Our cover story in the September 2017 issue focuses on Latin American dance — in Brazil, samba is life Read More»

  • Rio neighbourhoods. Illustration: Nik Neves

    Rio de Janeiro’s neighbourhoods

    There’s so much more to Rio than sun and samba. Visiting wasn’t easy in the lead-up to the Olympics with all the building work, but now the Games are nearly… Read More»

  • Paraty

    24 hour Paraty people

    A former colonial boomtown that fell on hard times, Paraty has transformed itself into a hotbed of creativity — a vibrant, multicoloured, coastal speck on the corridor between Brazil’s two… Read More»