• Locals protest in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Image: Alamy

    Bolivia: Right place, wrong time

    The sheer unpredictability of travel is part of its enduring charm, and the best adventures are surely those that gift us tales to tell Read More»

  • Anticucho stall, Bolivia.

    At the chef’s table: Kamilla Seidler in Bolivia

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  • Llamas, Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia. Image: Phil Clarke-Hill

    Bolivia: Reflected glory

    With a history shaped by silver, the Incas and the conquistadors, high-altitude life on the Bolivian Altiplano can be as magical as the optical illusions created by its mirrored salt… Read More»

  • The Bolivian rainforest, Amazon. Image: Getty

    Amazon: Into the Bolivian backwaters

    Venture into the remote reaches of the Bolivian Amazon to Madidi National Park and discover an off-the-radar utopia, far from the usual Amazon tours of Brazil and Peru Read More»

  • Coffee harvesting at Finca Golondrina, Caranavi, Bolivia. Image: Karen Robinson.

    Eat: Bolivia

    Complex and captivating, Bolivia’s cultural tapestry is enthralling and its wild topography is behind its local produce. It may not be on the international gastronomic stage just yet. But watch… Read More»