• Tamsin getting photography tips from Dave Merron, Canadian Arctic

    Arctic photography: Capturing the cold

    In the far north of Canada, Somerset Island is a bleakly beautiful, uninhabited land of tundra and ice. It’s a challenging place to master the finer points of photography, but… Read More»

  • YWCA Hotel Vancouver

    Sleep: Vancouver

    After soaking up the best of Canada’s glittering glass city by the sea, where will you rest your head? An ultra-hip loft space, an active art gallery or a five-star… Read More»

  • Two polar bears play fight on the shore of Hudson Bay. Image: Shaney Hudson

    Canada: On the prowl

    Standing defiant on the tundra and permafrost in the remote wilds of Manitoba, central Canada, Seal River Heritage Lodge is one of a few places in the world where you… Read More»

  • Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.

    Lunenburg: The Al Capone trail

    When Al Capone visited Lunenburg, he was a furniture salesman. At least that’s what his business card said. But what was the gangster really up to in this sleepy town?… Read More»

  • Permafrost probing and data recording on the tundra, Canada. Image: Mark Stratton

    Canadian Arctic: Researching climate change

    Voluntourism is reaching new heights and making ‘citizen scientists’ of every day travellers. We sent one of our contributors to Canada’s frozen north — famous for its annual influx of… Read More»