• Leonard Cohen in Montreal. Image: Getty

    City life: Montreal

    Although geriatric by North American standards, Leonard Cohen’s home city is driven by a youthful, creative spirit that’s coming to the fore as Montreal kicks off its 375th anniversary celebrations Read More»

  • Canadian Museum of Human Rights, Winnipeg

    Canada: Human rights, superhuman scale

    Can a museum almost entirely devoid of artifacts be anything other than a gimmick? The Canadian Museum for Human Rights aims to prove it can, and it may just be… Read More»

  • Nightlife on Queen Street West, Toronto

    Neighbourhood: Toronto

    Toronto doesn’t like to brag, yet the modest Canadian city has plenty to shout about — from a culturally diverse neighbourhood that’s now a hybrid cuisine hotspot to an arts… Read More»

  • Winding road through the Ontario forest. Image: Getty

    Canada: Locked out

    The sheer unpredictability of travel is part of its enduring charm, and the best adventures are surely those that gift us tales to tell. In this part of our Travellers'… Read More»

  • : Fogo Island Inn — a splendid feat of contemporary architecture that combines the features of traditional Newfoundland outport buildings

    Canada: Go to Fogo

    It’s all a matter of life and death on Fogo Island. The final resting place for Arctic icebergs, this atmospheric Canadian isle has proved the end of the line for… Read More»


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