• Skyline. Image: Getty

    City life: Jerusalem

    If you ask a question in Jerusalem, you may well get five different answers. In an ancient city where history, legend and scripture intertwine, facts can be elusive, but the… Read More»

  • Belvoir, Israel. Image: Alamy

    Israel: The secret citadel

    Twelve miles south of the Sea of Galilee you’ll find the mountaintop Belvoir Fortress — what’s more, you’ll probably have it all to yourself Read More»

  • The Dan Tel Aviv

    Sleep: Tel Aviv

    A 24-hour, cosmopolitan beach city, Tel Aviv’s hotel scene ranges from home-grown super brands to eye-catching boutiques, amiable hostels and the odd memorable curve-ball Read More»

  • Levinksy Market

    Tel Aviv: Tasting Israel

    On a sunny spring morning in Tel Aviv I’m loitering on a street corner near Levinsky Market waiting for a woman I’ve never met. Her name is Inbal Baum and… Read More»

  • Ramon Crater. Image: Natalie Jackson

    Family travel: Southern Israel

    Head to Eilat and the surrounding area to sample seven of southern Israel’s best big adventures Read More»



  • Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Iran. Image: Getty


    Iran: Where two worlds are one

    Mysterious, magnificent and so often misunderstood, modern Iran is bending rules and breaking traditions to welcome a new generation of curious travellers Read More»

  • Iran

    Iran: Mission impassable

    Back from the international wilderness, Iran presents the hardy traveller with plenty of tantalising new options. But crossing the world’s hottest desert on foot is not for the faint of… Read More»