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  • Málaga city guide

    Edgy arts institutions, top-notch dining and a strong line in rooftop bars make this cool, cosmopolitan port city much more than just a gateway to the Costa del Sol Read More»

  • alamy-what's new madrid-prado

    What’s new in Madrid

    Heading to the Spanish capital? From its most famous museum turning 200 to where to eat and sleep — check out what's new in Madrid Read More»

  • City ski break: Granada & Sierra Nevada

    Skiing just off the Costa? Few British travellers know that beyond the Moorish wonders of Granada and the beaches of Málaga, Spain’s highest ski resort offers world-class pistes and, on… Read More»

  • castellers of tarragona

    Spain: Towers of strength

    The uniquely Catalan tradition of building human towers is more than just a visual spectacle. We join the Castellers of London to find out why Read More»

  • Kestrel. Image: Getty

    Málaga: On the avian superhighway

    With wildlife holidays booming, birding is going mainstream, and you don’t have to travel far to spot rare species. In Málaga’s northern mountains an avian migratory motorway hosts record numbers Read More»


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