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  • Russia Volga River

    Russia: Exploring the Volga River

    Explore St Petersburg’s canals and head out onto the Volga River — drinking plenty of vodka as you go — in search of the ever-elusive Russian smile Read More»

  • A wind orchestra plays in the small park beside Red Square. Image: Getty

    City life: Moscow

    With a resurrected trainline, a high-concept park, edgy art spaces and changing attitudes, in Moscow old and new are starting to dance — and it’s a fascinating show to watch Read More»

  • North Pole. Image: Getty

    The North Pole: A trip to the top

    It’s far from smooth sailing, but the epic journey to the North pole is richly rewarding. Those who make it join a select group of travellers who can say they’ve… Read More»

  • St Petersburg roofscape in winter. Image: Daniel Allen

    City life: St Petersburg

    Peter the Great’s Baltic metropolis remains Russia’s ‘window on the West’ — a magical city of palatial architecture and Soviet relics, bone-numbing cold and toasty saunas Read More»

  • Savoy Moscow

    Sleep: Moscow

    It might have a reputation as a hugely expensive destination, but Moscow’s sumptuous sights are matched by an affordable range of hotels and hostels that enable you to gorge on… Read More»