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  • St Petersburg roofscape in winter. Image: Daniel Allen

    City life: St Petersburg

    Peter the Great’s Baltic metropolis remains Russia’s ‘window on the West’ — a magical city of palatial architecture and Soviet relics, bone-numbing cold and toasty saunas Read More»

  • Savoy Moscow

    Sleep: Moscow

    It might have a reputation as a hugely expensive destination, but Moscow’s sumptuous sights are matched by an affordable range of hotels and hostels that enable you to gorge on… Read More»

  • An artist at work at Trinity Lavra of St Sergius monastery. Image: Daniel Allen

    Russia: The towns that time forgot

    North east of Moscow, the towns and cities of the Golden Ring preserve the Slavic soul of Russia — a spectacular vision of glittering onion domes, wedding-cake chapels and frescoed… Read More»

  • A girl plays outside her parent's chum

    Siberia: The spring migration

    It’s 5am and I’m barely out of my sleeping bag, but the vodka bottle has appeared. Never too early, it seems. The fire is already throwing its golden net and… Read More»

  • Lake Onega, Karelia

    Karelia: Land of a thousand lakes

    Stepping out into the chill wind of a Karelian winter's day, Anatoliy Vasiljev's glasses cloud up with condensation. Behind him his wife Olga closes the door to their well-heated wooden… Read More»