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  • Sao Joao Festival, Porto

    Porto: Port in a storm

    The São João Festival offers an intoxicating introduction to Porto and its native tipple, but no education in port would be complete without a journey upstream to the soulful quintas… Read More»

  • Pão do Rogil, a bakery selling traditional cakes

    Eat: Alentejo

    The soul of the nation’s cuisine, the largest Portuguese region of Alentejo offers fresh dishes and rich history, all under a cloudless sky Read More»

  • An evening in Bairro Alto, Lisbon. Image: Getty

    Neighbourhood: Lisbon

    A shop selling nothing but colourful tins of fish; streets where revellers rest their drinks on car roofs; a bar whose wine list is a pair of binoculars... Lisbon is… Read More»

  • Terraced vineyards of the Douro Valley. Image: Getty

    Weekender: Douro Valley

    Cocooned from the rest of the country, every nook of the Douro Valley in Northern Portugal bears a secret Read More»

  • Benfica mural

    Lisbon: Football fever

    A scarlet vortex of whirling scarves, SL Benfica’s Estádio da Luz is a monument to the beautiful game, and the perfect place to get to know the locals Read More»



  • Inside the Mercado da Ribeira, Lisbon, Portugal. Image: Audrey Gillan


    Eat: Lisbon

    The Portuguese capital might be most famous for its custard tarts and sardines, but recent years have seen a renaissance of ‘revisited’ traditional dishes that includes a newfound appreciation for… Read More»

  • Portugal

    Eat: Eastern Algarve

    Charred sardines, fruity olive oil, garlicky clams and piri-piri chicken — the Portuguese port of… Read More»

  • Portugal

    Eat: Alentejo

    In ‘the bread basket of Portugal’ the rustic flavours of Alentejo make full use of… Read More»

  • Portugal

    The Azores: Atlantic escape

    Once a pit-stop for European traders on their way to the New World, the Azores’… Read More»