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  • Image: Audrey Gillan

    Eat: Eastern Algarve

    Charred sardines, fruity olive oil, garlicky clams and piri-piri chicken — the Portuguese port of Olhão is all about simple pleasures Read More»

  • Image: Slawek Kozdras

    City life: Lisbon

    Unashamedly optimistic, Lisbon radiates a confidence and self-assurance that sets it apart from other European cities, whether you encounter its hedonistic nightlife, go in search of grandiose ancient castles, or… Read More»

  • Image: Corbis

    Eat: Alentejo

    In ‘the bread basket of Portugal’ the rustic flavours of Alentejo make full use of its local produce — cattle, pigs and wheat — for homely and generous dishes Read More»

  • SF_Lisbon_Marchasblog

    Lisbon: The Feast of St Anthony

    Rush hour ended a couple of hours ago but traffic is at a standstill on the cobbled streets of downtown Lisbon and pedestrians are weaving between the vehicles. People are… Read More»

  • azores_awl_PT07067

    The Azores: Atlantic escape

    Once a pit-stop for European traders on their way to the New World, the Azores’ blend of volcanic landscapes, colonial settlements and native fauna make it the ideal getaway for… Read More»