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  • Oslo City Guide: Oslo Opera House, situated on the Bjørvika waterfront by the Oslo Fjord.

    City life: Oslo

    Sandwiched between a fjord and forested hills, Oslo is the ideal place to experience hygge — the art of embracing life's simple pleasures Read More»

  • Wolf Lodge

    Norway: A wolf at the door

    With the aim of educating both locals and visitors about Arctic animals and the value of preserving Norway’s natural heritage, Bardu's Polar Park offers encounters with hand-reared wolves Read More»

  • Bryggen's colourful waterside buildings, Bergen. Image: Robin Strand

    Eat: Bergen & the Sognefjord

    Sweet brown cheese, sour soups, bitter berry ciders and seafood dishes galore — the Sognefjord region of Western Norway is home to a deliciously distinct local cuisine. Go for the… Read More»

  • Norwegian Parliament Building, Oslo. Image: Slawek Kozdras

    Like a local: Oslo

    Cosmopolitan, arty, cool: Nordic Oslo is often under-sung. Explore thousands of years of maritime history, take a bite out of its thriving contemporary food culture and discover a bright new… Read More»

  • Roros from the slag heaps

    Norway: A phoenix from the ashes

    There are few religious symbols on display in the cavernous interior of the church in Røros, central Norway. Instead, it boasts the portraits of former mining industry bigwigs. Read More»