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  • Tourist souvenirs, old DDR symbols and Soviet Russian uniforms for sale at stall next to Checkpoint Charlie. Image: Alamy

    Berlin: Checkpoint Disney and beyond

    Twenty-nine years since its fall, the Berlin Wall remains a palpable presence in the city. What’s more it can be experienced in a surprising number of ways Read More»

  • River Oder at sunrise, Brandenburg. Image: Getty

    Brandenburg: Beyond the Bridge of Spies

    The state of Brandenburg is a bucolic slice of the old German east, whose sleepy hamlets and wild nature parks were preserved in the aspic of communism. In fact, it… Read More»

  • Cologne Cathedral. Image: Phil Clarke Hill

    City life: Cologne

    Best known for its mighty, twin-spired cathedral and Christmas markets, Cologne is a classy, modern riverside city with an artistic edge and an uncanny knack for reinvention Read More»

  • Lubeck Holstenor, Baltic Germany. Image: Sameena Jarosz

    Long weekend: Baltic Germany

    The German Baltic coast is a heady mix of history and natural beauty. Head to Lübeck for its showcase of medieval architecture, before exploring the wide sandy beaches and coastal… Read More»

  • Späti, Berlin. Image: Paul Sullivan

    City life: Berlin

    An alluring mix of the gritty and the glamorous, Berlin has survived revolution, war and division to become one of Europe’s coolest and most cosmopolitan destinations Read More»