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  • Noodles and a variety of dim sum. Image: Getty

    Eat: Hong Kong

    From its legendary dim sum to braised chicken feet, roast goose and custard tarts, Hong Kong’s cuisine relies on many influences but is defiantly homegrown Read More»

  • Shanghai cityscape

    Sleep: Shanghai

    Step back in time to the Roaring Twenties; stroll down a traditional lilong; ride in a pink London taxi. One thing’s for sure — there’s more to Shanghai’s hotels than… Read More»

  • Travel video of the week: Hong Kong

    This week, we head east to the sparkling, high-rise hedonism of Hong Kong. Read More»

  • Giant panda at the Dujiangyan Panda Base, China. Image: Duncan Longden

    China: The realm of the great bear cat

    The vegetarian bear that sometimes eats meat; the big-spending hotel guests who bring their own food; the grand irrigation system as old as Archimedes — nothing is quite as it… Read More»

  • Macau fish stew. Image: Getty

    Eat: Macau

    Crispy chicken in chilli and peanut sauce, Chinese mince stew topped with a fried egg, shrimp dumplings in the shape of goldfish... Macau’s unusual blend of cultures finds its most… Read More»



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