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  • angkor wat

    How to dodge the crowds at Angkor Wat

    This city of temples is one of the world’s busiest tourist sites, but come off-peak — when modern life withdraws — and let your imagination reveal its storied past Read More»

  • amok ingredients

    Cambodia: the art of amok

    Complex, delicate and distinct, fish amok is notoriously tough to make, but there's no dish more important to the Cambodian sense of identity Read More»

  • Angkor: The road less travelled

    Enjoy solitary hikes and kayaking trips among floating villages which take you into the heart of Angkor Archaeological Park - with not a tourist in sight Read More»

  • Cambodia: Angkor Wat’s new discovery

    Leaves crunch beneath my feet, mosquitoes buzz about my ears, and birdsong fills the sticky sweet-smelling air. Yet if I filter out nature’s early morning sounds, there’s only silence. Read More»

  • Siem Reap: Street food

    Adventurous and intrepid doesn’t always extend to the palate. I realised this when I declined a handful of deep-fried silkworms, the garlicky aroma not quite persuasive enough. Read More»