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  • A young woman makes traditional Ethiopian hand-woven baskets, used for serving injera flatbreads, on sale in Mercato Market. Image: AWL

    City life: Addis Ababa

    Lofty and leafy, with ancient sprawling markets and shiny modern skyscrapers, Ethiopia’s capital is a surprise package with a curious past Read More»

  • Simien Mountains

    Ethiopia: Trekking the Simien Mountains

    It might leave you shattered and sweaty, but the awesome views on this nine-hour African expedition make every blister worthwhile Read More»

  • Hyena man feeding wild hyenas with meat on a stick, Ethiopia. Image: Getty

    Ethiopia: The hyena men of Harar

    Cultures collide in Harar, an ancient walled city flanked by dry savannah, coffee and khat crops and mountains. But the star attraction of this Ethiopian outpost are the ‘hyena men’,… Read More»

  • A priest in Lalibela. Image: Benjamin Eagle

    Ethiopia: On a spiritual high

    In Ethiopia’s remote northern highlands, hidden in the rock and rugged canyons of Tigrai, are some of the world’s oldest Christian churches. Travel to these soaring places of worship, carved… Read More»