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Ningaloo whale sharks


Australia: Whale shark wonders on Ningaloo Reef

Australia’s largest fringing reef is home to 400 types of… Read More»

Chernobyl – Ivan Semenyuk


Chernobyl: Home bittersweet home

When Reactor No. 4 blew its top on 26 April… Read More»

Iran Hiking the Valley of the Assassins


Iran: Hiking the Valley of the Assassins

Inspired by Freya Stark’s travelogue, Shaun Busuttil sets off into… Read More»



Uganda: Getting into the habit

Joining a chimpanzee habituation experience leads to a close encounter… Read More»

Ecuador cloud forest


Ecuador: Forest flight

Connor McGovern helps to save the Ecuadorian cloud forest —… Read More»

Uluru Australia


Australia: Uluru – a vision in the desert

The sacred rock provides welcome shade, and a moment to… Read More»

South Africa blog - Liliesleaf Farm

South Africa

South Africa: The Liliesleaf Farm story

Nestled in a Johannesburg suburb, Liliesleaf Farm was the secret… Read More»

Fiji's kava ceremony


Roots manoeuvre: what really happens in Fiji's kava ceremony?

Visiting Fiji’s largest cave system — a fortress of the… Read More»

Snow Sapporo Festival


Hokkaido: As cold as ice

For one week every February, the Sapporo Snow Festival on… Read More»

Sao Joao Festival, Porto


Porto: Port in a storm

The São João Festival offers an intoxicating introduction to Porto… Read More»