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The Brand

National Geographic Traveller (UK) is the voice of travel writers who love to travel. We’re passionate about discovering the world, its endless cultures and fascinating people, bringing our readers stories that celebrate experience and authenticity.

National Geographic Traveller (UK) launched in 2010 and has successfully established itself as a major player in consumer travel publications, growing a dedicated subscriber base and increasing frequency from eight to 10 issues per year in 2014. Part of the National Geographic stable, the UK launch became the 14th international edition to join the family, further expanding the reach of one of the most iconic and recognised brands in the world.


Each 180-page issue is packed full of you-are-there photography, authentic travel experiences and insightful storytelling from award winning travel writers. Our features are packed full of useful information and advice to inspire readers to get up and go — and provide them with the tools to do so.

Our readers

Our readers are active and curious with a hunger for travel and a desire to see the world first-hand. They can afford to travel up to three times a year on short breaks, and once-in-a-lifetime destinations on an annual or biannual basis. They will not forego travel as non-essential to their lifestyle and truly believe travel is a necessity not a luxury.

Age: 35-50.
ABC1: (at least 80% of readership)
M/F: 35% / 65%
Average income: £65K


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