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The Brand

National Geographic Traveller (UK) is part of one of the most iconic brands in the world, well-known for its work in award-winning journalism, expeditions, science and education. National Geographic Traveller seeks to extol great storytelling, authentic travel experiences and ‘you-are-there’ photography, plus insightful, reader-friendly information to help would-be explorers travel widely and safely.

It aims to inspire those who are passionate about experiencing the world, championing sustainable travel and celebrating journeys from a local or cultural perspective. The 10-issue a year magazine has successfully established itself as one of the UK’s leading consumer travel publications, having achieved a number of accolades, including Best Consumer Holiday Magazine at the British Travel Awards in 2014 and 2015.

Fast facts

Circulation: 58,242 copies each month.
Readership: 150,000 every issue.
Male/female: 42%/58%.
Age: 49% are 35-64 years old.
Average household income: £100,000+


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