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Adventure Guide 2018

The Adventure guide 2018

Adventure doesn’t just happen on your TV, or multiple time zones away from you. Adventure can be found right where you are.

You could be living in Cape Town and decide to throw yourself into the path of a shark. You could be an expat wending your way through Taiwan on a rickety scooter. You could even be a smog-caked Londoner and decide that navigating Bank Station at 6pm isn’t enough of a brush with death so you zip-line over the city at 30mph. Of course, if you want to set off for adventure in new hemispheres, you could climb frozen waterfalls in Canada’s backcountry, climb a volcano in Guatemala, or rub shoulders with brown bears in Japan.

Adventure is about detecting the itch of curiosity within yourself, and then having the will to propel yourself to scratch it.

With this guide, we simply want to inspire you to turn off the TV and find your next adventure. It could be just beyond your doorstep.

Find your adventure...